Saturday, December 15

Limping through the Bangalore Bazaar

The best thing about Bangalore has to be its bazaar. It's packed from about nine in the morning to eleven at night. Everything is sold here on the street. You can find spices on one corner and brand new computers on the next. I bought some cell phone face plates that would normally cost about twenty-five dollars for about two bucks. Another bonus is that no one bothers me here. At the bazaars in other cities they see tourists as walking money bags, at this one I get an occasional look but no one is insisting that I see their store.

At the hotel I ran into a couple from Ireland who I met in Hampi just before I got on the bus. They joined me for dinner and then we went to looking for a place to finish the day in Irish style -- drinking. This place has a heavy Muslim influence and finding a place that serves alcohol was a little bit of a challenge.

It's interesting to note that for every twenty people here there seems to be a temple. Mostly Hindu temples with unique rooftop carvings and a few mosques and churches. I walked around for a few blocks but eventually my sprained ankle started to feel sore and a little painful so I decided to head back to the hotel. It's now turned a nice blue and red colour. I was going to post some photos of it but it's pretty gross so I decided not to. It's been really frustrating not being able to go at the pace that I'm used to.

Pictures from the Bangalore bazaar:

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Expat in Germany said...

Love all your people photos! India sounds like an incredible place.