Monday, November 26

Heading south through Jodhpur

I'm at an internet cafe in Jodhpur, the second biggest city in Rajasthan. A wedding procession just passed by and all I can say is "Wow!" Indian people really know how to have a wedding. The whole city seems to get involved and everyone joins in on the parade. The more people that come the better. Right now seems to be a good month to get married.

I really like Jodhpur. I find it quite fun to explore, there are markets everywhere and the streets are too narrow for buses and big cars. Mehrangarh (a giant fort) overlooks the city. In some places its walls are 400 feet high. It's impressive! I spent the morning and afternoon walking around the fort looking down on the city. The palace can be seen in the distance and it too looks impressive. It's not that much of a tourist attraction, it's still used by the royal family and part of it is used as a hotel. I don't want to know how much a night there costs!

Near the fort I saw the Jaswant Thada, an impressive marble monument marking the royal cremation ground. I think the temperature today reached 35 degrees and I decided that was enough sight seeing for me.

I found a nice little guest house ran by a very friendly family. From the rooftop I can see the city and the fort. There I ate dinner, something that can best be described as an egg and cheese pizza. It was quite tastey.

If I weren't trying to see as much as possible in one month, Jodphur is a place where I wouldn't mind spending a few days.

Inside the fort:

One of the many canon's still guarding the fort:

Jaswant Thada:

The fort and city as seen from the Jaswant Thada:

The streets of Jodhpur: