Friday, December 14


I'm in Bangalore and it's a bit of a boring place. It's big and I'm not fond of big places. There's lots to do in terms of shopping, but not much for sight seeing. It's been difficult to get a rickshaw without getting ripped off, but I found one guy who was willing to give me a good deal and he's been driving me around all day. I arranged that he pick me up tomorrow for the airport.

I started the day with the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, which was perfect way to ease into a busy city. Then I went to the Bull and Krishna temple, followed by the Tipu Sultan's Palace. After that I went to do some shopping. I won't be doing much else before I fly to Delhi. Maybe check out the local bazaar, buy some presents and find a restaurant with some tourists who might be up for a game of chess.

On the streets of Bangalore:

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens:

Temple decorations and carvings:


Terry said...

Well Marko, you sure made the best of this vacation. I think it was a good idea to stay in Hampi for the last 9 days of your trip. That's pretty much what Tisha and Paulo did when they spent the end of their trip in Bali. Too much moving around gets exhausting after awhile. I'm sure you're sorry to be leaving, but all the photos you took will keep the memories of Inida and the friends you made alive forver. I've really enjoyed your blog, thanks for doing such a good job with the updates.

Unknown said...

Hi Marko,
I see it is time to thank you for sharing your stories, pictures..... You had a great vacation Marko. Congratulation. I hope you've enjoyed every single day in India. Have a nice trip home. Welcome back. Joanna ;)