Sunday, November 25

Two days in Jaisalmer

My first night here was spent in the desert, with nothing more than a blanket, camels, beetles, scorpions and sand dunes. It was part of the 'camel safari' experience. After three hours on the back of the camel I'll be quite happy if I never have to ride a camel again. I'm still having troubles sitting. It seems most safaris here involve some ruin visit, mine didn't. It was just the ride, dinner, night and breakfast in the desert. There was no tent and most people slept right on the sand. With scorpions running around I'm glad I chose to sleep on a raised platform.

In Jaisalmer the only interesting thing to see was the fort. It's one of few (if not the only) forts that people still work, build and live in. I spent a good part of the day exploring the narrow streets and saying no to the many things people tried to sell me. In terms of architecture, there's not a lot to see but it does provide some insight in how life would have been here 700 years ago. I don't think it's changed much.

The desert is not to my liking. Tomorrow I'm off to Jodhpur.

Inside the fort: