Sunday, December 16

The perfect circle

This morning I fly back to Canada and the trip has ended perfectly! As I was walking through the streets of Paharaganj I saw Emilie, the girl who I mentioned in the very first entry of this journal. What a small place, just a couple of days ago we were in two entirely different parts of India. I spent a little bit of the morning with her and her friend Satoko and then they had to take a taxi to Agra. It was nice to see her India and I'll see her again back in Calgary.

I spent most of the time in the main bazaar, talking to the locals and the tourists and bargaining for goods with the shop owners. I also got in some more sight seeing, visiting the Red Fort and the Gandhi museum. I'm a huge admirer of Gandhi and visiting the museum was quite inspiring.

anything in India it's patience. You have to learn to go with the flow and let go of the concept of time andI enjoyed Delhi more the second time around. If you learn line-ups. Having patience is the only method to get through the traffic, the dirt and the scams -- and see the many good things India has to offer. It's been really fun.

The red fort:

Gandhi's last steps before being assassinated:


Last sunrise in India: