Sunday, December 9

At the lake near Hampi

We are now on the other side of the river that separates Hampi. The half that we left is where all the temples, tourists and amenities are. The side we're at now is only bungalows with hammocks, a couple of internet cafes and a whole lot of hippies. The boat to the main part of Hampi stops at 6:00 pm. so if anyone wants something from India, let me know now.

I spent the whole day relaxing by a nearby lake. It's about five kilometers so we rented motorcycles and rode there. Ramon and I shared the tiny motorcycle you see in the photo. I wish I had a photo of us trying to go up a hill. At the lake I climbed among the rocks and took in the sun while my friends swam and sun bathed. After the sun went down we went to the restaurant, had drinks and played cards.

Sunrise over Hampi bazaar:

Streets on the other side of the river:

The lake:

Last boat to cross the river: