Saturday, December 8

Staying in Hampi

I’m tempted to stay here for the remainder of my journey. I feel so guilty saying that, but I’m really not sure that I’m interested in taking the trains and buses through the rest of south India. It’s so draining to lose a day just to traveling. It’s been really nice to have company and here there are many people to meet and talk to. Not only tourists, but the Indian people too.

While exploring the ruins of Hampi, I made friends with two Indian students, Chandru and Ashok. They passed by me on a small motorcycle and stopped to offer me a ride – at no charge. Three people on a tiny scooter, why not? Well it wasn’t the best idea. As we drove over some sand the motorcycle started to wobble and we lost control. My two new friends fell to the ground with the motorcycle on top of them. I hopped off as soon as I noticed it was going down. Chandru seemed to be slightly hurt and the motorcycle was a little damaged, but these guys took it in stride. They didn’t complain, they didn’t ask for help and they assured me that it wasn’t my fault. They then continued to show me other ruins, but this time we parked the motorcycle and walked around. When we went our separate ways we exchanged e-mail and I promised to send them some of the pictures I took.

On my way to other ruins I ran into Babette and Kim (they slept in), who were going by on a rickshaw. It’s pretty hot here and I was quite relieved to hop in and join them. Staying here for the rest of my trip will mean a lot of sun. I expect to come back with a good tan.

We’re planning to move to the other side of the river tomorrow. This means that Babette and Kim can stay in the hammocks near the river, while Ramon and I boulder or hike. They say they might join us, but I’m skeptical.

Streets of Hampi in the morning:

Ashok and Chandru

Ruins in the distance:

Chandru at the stone gate ruins: