Wednesday, November 28

Relaxing in Udaipur

I got up early in the morning and went to see the Sajjangarh Fort, the City Palace and the Jagdish Temple. I didn't take many photos and the sights didn't really offer much that I haven't already seen in other parts of Rajasthan. There were a number of other sights to see, but all I really wanted to do was get an idea of where I wanted to be for the rest of my trip and spend the remainder of the day relaxing. I did just that.

I booked a domestic flight from Bangalore to Delhi for December 15 which means that the rest of my trip will be spent exploring south India. I also arranged for transportation to my next stop, Ahmadabad, Gujarat. I went to a nearby restaurant where I spent the rest of the day playing chess with David and Marie (the couple from France) and sharing stories with other travellers.

The view from the fort:

A sadhu in front of the Jagdish Temple: