Wednesday, November 14

How it all began

Taj MahalLast year I caught the travel bug, during a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. It hasn't gone away, and all this year I've been thinking of places to go to. It's been difficult to decide, all I knew was that I wanted to take my vacation in the winter. The summer in the Rockies is just too beautiful to pass up and that meant I had to go somewhere warm.

The obvious choice was Mexico and I was quite close to buying a ticket. Combined with Guatemala and Belize I thought it would be fun -- but I just couldn't get excited about it.

SadhuA friend (Blanka) had just come back from India and brought with her some great photos and stories. Though the idea to go there still didn't occur to me. It wasn't until in early September, while I was talking with Emilie (a friend who's been teaching English in Japan and is now touring Asia) that I decided on India. We were discussing Blanka's trip and Emilie's desire to go, when she jokingly invited me to join her. I thought "why not" and within the next week had booked a flight.

India was pretty easy to get excited about. It seems that no where in the world do people find as much diversity, in every sense of the word. And no matter where you point the camera, an interesting photo presents itself. I'm very much looking forward to it.