Tuesday, December 18


Because the posts are sorted newest to oldest, I've taken the time to organize them from first to last so that it reads chronologically. Each one will open up in a new window:

Nov. 14: How it all began
Nov. 15: On my own, here we go!
Nov. 17: Almost there
Nov: 18: Delhi, India
Nov 19: Last day in Delhi
Nov 20: Busy in Agra
Nov 23: Taj Mahal - it deserves it's own entry
Nov 23: Welcome to Rajasthan
Nov 23: Bika.. what?
Nov 25: Two days in Jaisalmer
Nov 26: Heading south through Jodhpur
Nov 27: Ranakpur to Udaipur
Nov 28: Relaxing in Udaipur
Nov 29: Avoid Ahmadabad
Nov 30: Two or three days in Daman?
Dec. 1: Moti Daman
Dec. 4: Changing plans in Aurangabad
Dec 5: Hyderabad with Babette, Kim and Ramon
Dec 7: Hyderabad to Hampi
Dec 7: Happy in Hampi
Dec 8: Staying in Hampi
Dec 9: At the lake near Hampi
Dec 10: Shopping and the country side
Dec 13: Moving on, almost home
Dec 14: Bangalore
Dec 15: Limping through the Bangalore Bazaar
Dec 16: The perfect circle

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