Friday, December 7

Hyderabad to Hampi

Day two in Hyderabad was easier than the first. While Ramon played on the internet, Babette, Kim and I went to see the Golkonda fort. This fort is on a hill top and it was a hot day, so we (and by we I mean Babette) took many rests on the way up.

The fort was not as good as the many others I've seen already. Much of it was gated off. However, it did provide a nice view of the city.

The rest of the day we spent at the train station. Traveling by train seems to cost a day of sight seeing. I'm really starting to miss travel by private taxi.

To friends of Kim and Babette who may have received this link by e-mail: They want me to say only good things. I guess I won't mention how grumpy they are in the morning! Both Kim and Babette are really wonderful (really they're not making me say that). They've made my trip much more enjoyable.

To friends of Ramon: He complains that I only take pictures of the girls. It's true -- they're cuter.

Babette and Kim make their way up to the fort:

A mosque at the top of the fort:

The view from the top:

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