Tuesday, November 27

Ranakpur to Udaipur

I woke up early in Jodhpur and met up with Bhuwan outside of my hotel at 6:30 am. The sun started to rise shortly after we left the city. Immediately the scenery started to change. We left the desert for lush hillsides. It was a quick drive to Ranakpur and right away we went to the Jain temples. What a sight! The architecture is amazing and each column (over a hundred columns) is decorated with unique carvings. I could have spent hours in there and I easily took over a 100 photos.

My original plan had been to stay a night in Ranakpur, but I heard accomodation in nearby Udaipur was cheaper and it's known for being one of the favorites for tourists. I thought it would be better to keep driving and spend a couple of nights in one place -- for a change.

We reached Udaipur before sunset and this was the last stop on my taxi tour. This tour was worth every penny. It really helped ease me into my trip and I highly recommend it as a way to travel through India. I was really lucky to get Bhuwan as my driver and saying goodbye was surprisingly difficult. Over the last few days I've gotten to know him well. During the long drives we talked and joked about everything from politics to religion to girls. He had as many questions about Canada as I did about India. I may see him again in Delhi before I fly out. We made plans to get together for "momo," a type of dumpling and one of his favorite foods to eat.

I spent the evening playing chess with David from France and watching the sun set over Lake Pichola, the lake Udaipur is built around.

Jain temples:

Bhuwan and me with the taxi:

Sunset over Lake Pichola in Udaipur:


Terry said...

Well Marko, I think this is really shaping up to be "the trip of a lifetime", for sure one you'll remember forever. I can't believe how beautiful India is, but what kind of wierd vehicles are in the picture of "streets of Jodhpur"? Sorry you had to say goodbye to Bhuwan - hope you two meet up again before you leave. The next time it reachs 35 degrees there, you might want to remember that it's minus 25 with wind chill here and last night we got a ton of snow!

Unknown said...

Hey Marko, did you have to lend your camera to someone to be able to take that picture with Bhuwan and you? Kim thinks your pretty courageous to do that! I'm following your itinairy on google Earth, I'm glad that google createi it, now I can see exactly where you are, I'm actually watching you as we speak. Seriously, you will have to help me convice Kim to go to India with me.

Unknown said...

Marko! we are really jealous! Joanna.