Sunday, November 18

Delhi, India

Busy streetsI'm currently in a little backpacker haven in Delhi called Paharganj. It's a neat little maze of narrow streets loaded with travelers and locals looking to take advantage of them.

I dodged a few a couple of scams right off the bat and got myself to the hotel I booked over the internet in a reasonable time. My taxi driver did tried to tell me that he couldn't find my hotel and did try to take me to other places (where he'd get commission) but I didn't fall for it and eventually got where I needed to. The hotel I booked wasn't to my liking so I walked around until I found a better/cleaner one for $7/night.

I thought about going to do some sight seeing right away but decided instead to just stroll around and get a feel for the streets and the people. There wasn't any culture shock and really the street life here is not much different than that of Vietnam and Cambodia. Just like in Vietnam and Cambodia every local I talk to compliments me on the style of my beard. They wonder if this look is popular in Canada.

Most people that approach me look to make money in some form or another but I did make friends with one guy named Kumar, who spent a good chunk of the day showing me around. The only thing he asked for in return was a chance to practice his English. Walking around with him I got no hassle from other locals. I gave him my e-mail and this website -- so Kumar, if you're reading this and I spelled your name wrong let me know and thanks again for your help.

I was in Connaught Place booking trips to Rajasthan and it got dark pretty quickly. I ended up having to find my way back through dark narrow streets. It was a little difficult but interesting at the same. As soon as I started seeing white people, I knew I was back near Paharganj. Eventually I found my way.

There are a lot of nice looking backpacker girls here, wow! Time to go make some friends!

My hotel in Paharganj:

A maze of narrow streets:

A girl with a baby begging for money on a busy street:


Unknown said...

Great pics Marko. I was surprised that you even had the time to write on your blog already. How was your WestJet flight, it wasn't mention anywhere? I just want you to know that I'll be begging you for money when you get back to Canada, so that the transition is easier on you. Charles

Steve said...

Sounds like you're off to a good start! How's the food?!

Good luck with your plan to make fiends with the backpacker girls. :)

Unknown said...

Yay - you are really quick to start blogging :)
Why are there so many cheating taxi drivers? I had the same problem in China, so I more or less went by bus everywhere. It took me longer, but I met lots of interesting people. ...and I'll never forget the friendly bus driver who let me of directly at the Beijing Man Site (Choukoudian) although his tour was done and the last stop was a couple of kms away.

Unknown said...

It's the backpacker girls you have to be wary of, not the Indian people ;-)


Anonymous said...

Nice photos Marko. I like your use of the fish-eye for street scenes.
Maybe don't use it on the cute backpacker girls. "Do these travel pants make me look fat?" "No, but my lense will!"