Friday, November 23

Bika.. what?

Bikaner -- an alternative to Pushkar, on my way to Jaisalmer. There is a camel festival in Pushkar, making it difficult and quite expensive to get a place to stay. With prices going up five times the norm, I decided not to even bother and settled for visiting Bikaner instead.

It's a quiet place compared to the places I've been to thus far. There's not much in terms of sight seeing, I went to the Junagarh Fort and the Lalgarh palace. They pale in comparison to what I've seen so far, but it was something to do for the afternoon.

Right now I'm in a VERY dusty computer cafe finishing up all my updates and I can't wait to get back to the hotel. It's one of my cheapest stays and it's incredibly clean -- it even has fully functional western toilets. The restaurant at the hotel is supposed to be really good, the food up to this point has been delicious!

Junagarh fort:

The street my hotel is on:


Terry said...

Great pics Marko, so they must definitely look better than on that old computer. I really liked the one of Jaipur from the secluded fort. Can't believe you're not experiencing culture shock - I am just from the pictures! Glad you're finding company along the way - it's good that you make friends so easily.
Hope you've found a few postcards.


Unknown said...

Very nice photos, Marko! Looks like you're really getting around Raj! The taxi must have its advantages. You seem to have seen quite a lot already, last week you were still here! ;)
Sorry I missed your messages today! I was at work.
Have a great time! Look forward to seeing new photos...
It's been quite cold here this week, you really picked up great time to travel! ;)


Unknown said...

Hey Marko (by the way, it's only been -10c this week, so really, it's not that cold), glad to see that you are doing well. Too bad that you'll be missing that camel show... it could of been great. I mean why not stay with an India family? I'm sure that there is some cute India woman out there. Kim and Alex said hi!

andie b said...

I can't believe you passed up on an opportunity to go to the camel festival!! You're crazy.