Thursday, November 29

Avoid Ahmadabad

Traffic in AhmadabadIt's really like I've entered another country! Everything from the alphabet to the language is different. Not only do people not speak English, they don't even speak Hindi -- which is supposed to be widely spoken in India. Each state here seems to have it's own language.

People here have been pretty unwilling to help and finding a hotel was quite hectic. The hotel I did find I had to haggle for to get down to 200 rupees, which is roughly five dollars per night. It's easily the dirtiest hotel I've stayed at so far and yet not the cheapest.

The only place I've seen any tourists is in what seems to be the ONLY internet cafe in a city. I find this really unusual for a city of 4.5 million! I had to wait an hour to get to a computer. Walking the streets I could immidately feel the pollution in my nose and throat. It's not a pleasant city to explore. The traffic is insane! I'll be leaving tomorrow and it's not soon enough.


Unknown said...

You mean it's about as hard to find somebody there who speaks English or Hindi, as it is in Alberta to find somebody speaking French ;)
I hope you had a good trip to Ahmadabad anyway.

Unknown said...

More and more French people are leaving La Belle Province for Alberta. And that's not, they reproducing quicly in Calgary. Who knows what Calgary will be like in 25 years from now!

And Marko, sorry to hear about your stay in that town. It makes you appreciate you own place even more.